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Muscle Car Talk: Winged Warriors Of The Past.

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By mark Weisseg

It hurts just to look at this picture. I say it hurts and it does because a lot of the SuperBirds were raced and wrecked in the early 1970’s before NASCAR stuck there nose in and ruined things.

But, this bird is done. Many race cars were wrecked are patched up and sent out again and again strictly due to money. Racing cars is a very expensive habit no matter if it is your local dirt track or the big leagues like the Indy race series.

Now this bird is dead at Daytona. How did I know it’s Daytona? Was I there? No, look at the picture again. There is a boat in the background. The only race track that has a lake in the middle and a airport behind the grand stands is Daytona. Yes, I have been to Daytona but not at this race.

Now, the bird in the picture and many like them were raced and ruined in the course of the race without a lot of thought other than to win. But, when I see what even Superbirds in average shape get today on the market I wish we had been smarter.
Especially, a Hemi Superbird. When I see those birds getting 500k and up I wish I could turn the clock back. But, the bird in the picture reminded me that back then, the cars had a utility purpose. We have seen them with trailer hitches, snow tires and of course at the track.

You could argue it’s the same with anything from our past which we threw away without consequence at the time, but is now worth a ton. The key here is to spot those future classics and hang onto them.

Today, we don’t want our rare classics touched by anything stronger than a feather. Boy, times have changed for sure. I hope we are smarter this time around. That’s the big 64 thousand dollar question. What is being sold today that is the future Superbird? Your guess is as good as mine so please comment what your opinion is and I promise to read them all.

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