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Muscle Car Talk: Loving What You Own Now.

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By Mark Weisseg

We all see clones, replica’s, resto’s, and remakes but what if you owned the real deal?
Say you were lucky enough to own a real AC Cobra, or a real COPO, or a real Yenko? How about a real Hemi from 1970?
I ask as I want to know if you did or do, would you change the way you drive it or show it off?

I met a guy last week who looked older than dirt and he was with his grandson. The old man said he had a real 1970 Hemi still in a crate in his basement. I thought the old man maybe lost his marbles a long time ago but the young grandson of about twenty proceeded to tell me Gramps had a basement full of old, real parts. Will he ever sell make use of the engine? Who knows, but isn’t it better being used than sat in a basement?

The guy that owned this Mustang in the picture claimed he had it for years. He said he was the second owner. Gulp. Unless you’re lucky enough to have bought one back in the day, the prices now for prime condition pony or muscle cars can be very high.

Most of us don’t have deep enough pockets to own the real deal. With mortgages, life, and other important things going on its almost impossible to own a “real” deal. Now, I say almost impossible because I do know some guys in there 40’s and 50’s that do own the real McCoy cars.
What would you choose in the above mentioned cars? Gee, if I only had a million dollars and a genie in a bottle what would I buy? Well, If you are married you might buy off the mortgage or pay for a wedding or possibly an education or two. That is what makes this real deal so hard.
But that doesn’t matter, ultra rarity or not, you can still enjoy whatever car you own.

I don’t feel any less of a person because I do not have a Hemi Road Runner. You might just settle for the two door Corvair and that’s cool as long as you hold your head up high.
I see it every week at the show and the people who own run of the mill classics like a beautiful 69 Nova with a 350 engine are happy. I counted over thirty newer style Mustangs last week. Most are the 5.0 Stangs because they are powerful, fun, and affordable. Not everyone can buy a GT-R. That is just life.
It was Corvette night last week so the Vettes were everywhere. Certainly everyone would like to have a 2016 Z06 or a rare classic but most were happy just to have what they have. As a matter of fact some were happier with there ’61 Vette than they would be with the newer ones. Never assume folks.

Appreciate what you have and never assume the guy who has a better car than you has a better life or better time. The poor slob might be a miserable son a bitch.

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