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Muscle Car Talk: Planning Your Next Project

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By Mark Weisseg

When I first saw this car, I thought this would be a prime candidate for my next restoration.
If I was not up to my neck with my current two cars I bought in the last six months this would be another. Man, for us that love the old classics this is prime meat. I love the whole concept of taking a car that has been neglected or just abused and with a lot of money and hard work bring it back to life. Nothing is better than when it is done and others compliment you on the task. I don’t do it for the admiration, no I do it for love.

Like most, I can stare at it for a long period and just imagine in my head how I would restore the thing. It is similar to golfing. How’s that? Well, when I was golfing years ago a much wiser man told me to visualize the shot. Visualize it before you hit it and imagine the ball going where you desire. It worked for me in putting on the greens but never on the fairways.

So, when I see a beauty like this I visualize the car done. I am doing just that right now on my 1928 Ford Model A. How will it look? How will it run? Do I see any changes now and so on down the line.

When one takes on a big project like this they usually do not have an English Wheel (‘to form compound (double curvature) curves from flat sheets of metal) at hand or a body shop full of machines, let alone parts. It is a painstaking, long process but it’s been around since Moby Dick was a Minnow and nothing beats the end result.

Parts are expensive and the time seems to drag when you are working on these cars but as they come together the end game is priceless. I love anything that I can see go from a seed to a full blown flower per se. To take a rotted out, rusted out, mouse infested hunk of steel and turn it into a master piece gives me more pleasure than words will ever express.

These projects can seem daunting, but if you take your time and plan carefully, you can have successful results. Do a business plan on the whole project, budget, plan, expect problems, look past naysayers and at the end of the trail you can stand back and stare at your own beauty.

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