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Muscle Car Talk: Don’t be fooled By The Latest Test Cars.

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By Mark Weisseg

The car companies love to do this to us. When we see spy photos of certain cars the rumor mill gets itself in high gear. Believe me, the car folks love this stuff as it gets everyone talking and guessing.

Is it a mid engine? Is it a twin turbo? Is it supercharged? The list goes on and on. Think of how many years we have been guessing that GM would introduce a mid engine Corvette. That rumor has been flying around for at least ten years. Sometimes these so called spy photos are fakes. At times it’s a magazine looking for additional sales. At times it’s the car companies trying to either throw you off what they are actually doing or just toying with us.

You see the headlines blaring out a rumored V12 engine or a new aluminum engine for additional weight savings. There also has been major flops such as the NorthStar engine, the first Diesel engines back in the 1980’s that were gas engines converted. And that flop list would be long as well.

It’s all a big game to sell magazines or just pull your chain. So, what if you found out tomorrow Corvette would introduce a mid engine V6 500 hp car in 2018. Would that make you save your milk money to buy one? I doubt it. You would wait until you saw it and the car was tested by reputable people. This spy photo of the Mustang is more than likely a sham.
It’s to get the war between Mopar and Chevy into focus again. Not a day goes by that I don’t read about the Hellcat getting a 800hp+ engine or the 2018 Z/28 with a bigger more fuel efficient engine to out duel the Mustang. V6 engines with 500 hp, 1.9 liter engines putting out 400 hp, and so on and so on.

Folks, relax. It’s just like anyone out to sell a book. They scare the heck out of you that the financial world is crumbling and only there book will tell you how to survive the crash. Remember all the bs about Y2K? My gosh the world was going to end, no food, the power grid will not work, and so on. That started the whole prepper thing. Hoard money, food, generators, buy a mountain cabin, live off the grid and so on. Now, it’s tiny houses. A 300 square foot house is the new craze. This will last about another six months and a newer craze will take hold. The media will do its job to scare you so you will watch only there channel and buy only there magazines. It’s a circle thing my friends.

Do not fret what the latest Vette, Mustang, or Camaro will be. It’s already been drawn up and being tested all over the world. When they are ready to sell it, they will. In the meantime, take your fast muscle car out for a ride and flip off the TV and Internet.

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