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By Dave Ashton

Finding vital statistics on any muscle car has never been easier since the birth of the Internet. Before that, people had to wade through countless magazines, a limited supply of books and still some of the information may not be verified. We’ve got a much easier time today, but it’s still a good idea to have a few bookmarks of ways you can start an investigation for any type of muscle car at your fingertips.

Generic knowledge sites like Wikipedia are a good starting point, but its specialist websites that usually have the best nitty-gritty bits of information that are missed elsewhere. Below a breakdown of some of the resources you can start with when researching your own makes and models. We’ve also added links to our own website for each make. Another port of call is social media groups. Joining a few on the likes of Facebook for your particular make and model and asking a few questions, may not just uncover the information you need, but also get you involved with many like-minded people.

As another general plug on one of our past posts, you could try out our ultimate list of American muscle cars which gives a link to the majority of the main types of muscle cars.

For AMC vehicles is a great place to stop for any AMC car from 1968 to 1974. Although a lot of the forum still has participation, many people have moved over to social media for discussion. Making things like Facebook groups a good stop off point. The forum still has tons of information which wont go out of date.

From young to old, you can find a lot of things on Buicks at the Sloan Museum.  It’s mainly a centre for Buick information, but you can find other stuff for vehicles produced in Flint, Michigan. You’re going to have to pay for the information, but that should also mean more accurate research. Individual car listings are also quite good these days in giving you production numbers and engine starts, basically as it verifies how much a car is worth.

Chevy and GM have a lot of information to wade through, but one first stop could be the GM Heritage Center. The National Corvette Restorers Society is also good for production numbers. Being such a big carmaker there is also plenty of museums – the Chevrolet Hall of Fame, the Corvette Museum and the California Automobile Museum.

The Mopar name is everything from the Fiat Chrysler group. An all-inclusive name for Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Imperial and DeSoto vehicles. Galen Govier is one of the foremost experts. Darrell Davis series of books is good for Dodge and Plymouths. is not as maintained as it used to be, but its still got lots of old threads of information as a start point. You also have which has literally tons of information on Mopars.

Ford and Mercury
You can find lots of examples of Fords and Cougars(the cars, not the…….) or anything in general by Mercury to wade through. Marti Reports are the top paid service for anything Ford, also standard for official verification for selling a Ford vehicle.

Oldsmobile comes under the GM banner, as with Buick, Chevrolet and Pontiac, but better to seek out info. for the individual models. The GM Heritage Center have levels of records for a fee, but there are some free documents as here on the 442. Like most of the vehicles listed on our website we try to get as much information as possible, from engine sizes to production stats., so supplement this information, with social media user groups.

There are quite a few resources online for Pontiacs. Jim Mattison’s PHS Automotive Services is again a paid for service but will give you everything for your particular model. The GM Heritage Center is again a the port of call, as is the Pontiac-Oakland Museum.

Like all these resources above, its a good idea to double check the information on a few different websites before concluding your search. Paid for services should be the most accurate and should give you the stamp of approval when selling a car, but free resources can be as good for your own research. The lists of information is growing all the time, so hopefully the ones above will give you good start point.

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