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The Muscle Car Sleeper Affect

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By Mark Weisseg

I have been lying low due to to an eye/mouth area injury. But, of course well enough to go to the car shows.
If you look in the background you will notice the parking lot thinned out. That is how I found this cool sleeper.

So, I walked over to the owner and made small talk and he was a genuine guy. He liked the sleeper look like I do. Under that huge steel hood was a 383 engine with a Torqueflite transmission hooked up.

I really liked the dog dish hub caps and the bench seats. If you did not look hard enough you may think it had a slant six under the bonnet and no power at all. Anyway, we hit it off. The bad news was I had my old truck at the show and not my sleeper Road Runner.

It seems I am always a week off. Another friend showed up with his RR but it’s all jacked up and we could not compare. Of course after about ten minutes of me looking at a Coronet I asked if I could buy it. That is a big weakness of mine. The owner smiled and said No. No, not now. He loved it too much and I understand that.

What made the moment so special to me was that there were limited people at the show at this point so I had him to myself. The only other bad thing was the second to last show of the year and then we all pack them away for five very long months.

If the weather holds this week I will roar into the last show this Friday. I hope this Coronet is there as well. It was refreshing to speak with a fellow Mopar lover that had the same interest as I.

Do you feel that way? Do you gravitate toward cars and owners that you think are like you? I will bet that’s true. If I have my Mustang there I tend to walk around looking at all the other ponies. Just to see what if anything I may be missing.

So, with this fellow sleeper advocate I felt at home. Here’s a guy that likes big horsepower but does not need big Flowmasters or cherry bombs to show the world. I wish I had a buck every time someone told me I should have louder exhaust.
Don’t they see the car is set up to look like it did back in 1969? Did the RR have Borla exhaust or pipes on it when new? No! Everyone goes for a certain look. Some love the sleeper mode while others need chrome and open headers. If I want loud, I drag out the Cobra. It’s all about my mood. So, long live the sleepers and I hope someday I will crack this guy and get my greedy hands on this beauty.

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