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Where Muscle Car Guys Came From

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By Mark Weisseg

How do you write about fast muscle cars when the picture is showing a woman and two old boats?

Well, study the picture and think about the connections here. Okay, I will now tell you. The ships are stranded on the beaches at Normandy after the D Day invasion. The woman – well the woman is just in awe of the whole thing back in 1945. You should be too. First, honor those who died for a great cause but honor the living for what they accomplished.

These men that stormed the beaches are also the first of the fast muscle car crowd. Yes, they came back and married, bought houses, had children and inspired a whole generation to love life. When you love life you do positive things. Many of these men came back and built our first hot rods.

Our hobby had to start somewhere and we can lay it on these men of this time in our world. They saw things in Europe they never saw before. Small cars with small engines for the most part. So, after coming home and settling in it was guys like Carroll Shelby that thought about putting big engines in small cars. Whamo! Drag racing. Light weight and fun.

As Detroit put out giant cars with big motors many guys thought about what they saw a world away. How about a small car with a big engine? We all know the story from there. Gas was cheap, insurance was cheap and guys had the knowledge to build with there hands. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth men relied on there wits and hands to build. And build they did.

The cars of the 50’s and 60’s are a direct connection back to men who were young in the 40’s. They knew how to fix things, how things worked, and the desire to do more. Stop for a moment and think.

So, that is why us fast muscle car guys are special. We know how they work, what to do if they don’t, and we know what it takes to have them. We are not pretty boys driving Porches and Ferrari’s. Hell no. We drive muscle cars. Camaro, Chevelle, Corvette, Mustangs, Cuda, Challenger, Road Runners and more. We don’t take crap from anybody. We stand our ground. We know right is right. We also know where we came from. We know our heritage and we understand why we have that burning desire to have our muscle cars. It’s built into us. We show them because we love them and know what it takes to be what we are.

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