Most Americans Admit to Fooling Around in a Car

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Most Americans Admit to Fooling Around in a Car

fooling around in muscle car

A recent survey by a leading dating website found some interesting statistics when it comes to cars and love.

Out of 500 American men and women, 89% of men and 84% of women admitted to fooling around in a car at some point in their lives, possibly leading on to other things…….
Even more interesting, 41% of men and 20% of women said they met someone with a love interest on a road trip.

It was also found that 52% females believe a man’s car choice reflects his economic status and 67% of the image of himself when it comes to driving fast cars –
59% of female see them as being wealthy.
59% see men in fast cars as possibly showoffs.
47% see them as possibly arrogant.

This data shows that Americans can be a little more adventurous than originally thought, but with romantic relationships, women were found to want reliability as a key factor – stability, confidence and security, which can possibly be reflected in the stats.

The survey was done forward of this summer’s Gumball 3000 which will go from Stockholm, Sweden, to Las Vegas and includes stops in Reno, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Does this mean that most Americans when they get behind the wheel, all have one thing on their mind?
It’s the reason why I kept putting ‘possibly’ above.
You have to think of the people that were surveyed and the environment they were in. The Gumball 3000.
The Gumball is an exciting, party time race. If someone is in a partying mood, they are more inclined to have the mindset of wanting to fool around or have a good time….possibly.

Maybe as traffic increases we have to occupy ourselves somehow, but please, if you are going to do this on a regular basis, always prepare and take precautions and buy an SUV, RV or at least an El Camino, as space and comfort should always be a consideration when choosing a vehicle…ahem!


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