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More Ladies With Muscle Cars Needed!

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By Mark Weisseg

When I started really enjoying the car hobby as a young teenager with no money the hobby was about 99 percent male. Oh sure there was the occasional female somewhere but for the most part it was guys only. The women were passengers or eye candy and they could not possibly know about these complicated machines

Fast forward now to the real world. It is certainly a male dominated car hobby but what a joy it is to see the women as our equals. The more car shows or cruises you attend the more likely you are to see a very smart gal there. Years ago you rarely saw a girl in a technical school or a high school mechanics course. Check with Wyo Tech and other such schools today. More and more the young ladies are in and they are in deep. They like us see the opportunities available, the pure enjoyment, and the friendships that are made. Certainly more young men are involved but it is refreshing to see and talk to the gals about the hobby.

Recently, I was in Las Vegas and met a young lady who inquired about my job life. I told her my tale of cars, cars, cars, trucks and cars and she proceeds to tell me she was a graduate of the diesel program at WyoTech. I was floored. Here was a 5 foot 4,long blond hair, great figure and pleasant personality right in front of me. We lost ourselves talking about Diesel engines, DEF, EGR engines, 600 hp, 18 speed, 3.23 gears and so on. She took me into the break room of this business and on the white board was a diagram of an engine. She said she drew the engine so another employee could better understand the inside of the engine and what did what. Am I dreaming all of this or did the Las Vegas heat get to me? The answer is simple and gratifying. Women in record numbers are choosing the hobby and industry. They bring a side we may have discarded or lost our way on.


Embrace the change and better yet why don’t you do something that promotes this. If you are in a position to sponsor a young lady, go talk to a high school class or be a positive force. Negativity is easy and it almost always fails. We have a severe shortage of quality people in our hobby so why not embrace this change.

The images are of Alex Taylor and her ‘badmaro’. Check out her Facebook page and give her support.


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