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A Magnificent 1991 Ford Mustang GT Restomod

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Engine: 5.0 Coyote TIVCT
Transmission: Manual
Price: US $32,500.00

The Fox body Mustang is a great platform for customisation, which you can take in any direction you want.
This one is a Fox body Coyote swap, with a ton of upgrades now for sale on Ebay.

Straightaway, good point about this ad. is the amount of information given. everything from the complete stripped down of the car, parts installed and what you get as the end product.

This is not a typical Fox body Mustang GT, as it has a Cervini Stalker front end, a Cervini Cobra bumper GT rear bumper with an LX style exhaust.

The ad says that the idea behind the car built was to have a car that has both power and can idle in 100° weather. Pretty cool, literally.


We have added the complete listing below as there is much to list here, but it’s fair to say this fox body Mustang is worth the money if you truly want one of the best of the breed.

‘This build began with a 1991 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback bought from a shop in California. They had completely stripped the car, smoothed the engine bay, deleted and smoothed the antenna and did any required body work. They then painted it Dodge PS2 silver and even painted it black underneath. It had a lot of parts I wanted so I bought it. The car was so nice I decided to build it and sell it complete instead of just selling the roller. Modifying fox bodies for myself has been my hobby since 1993. I normally don’t sell my cars but with six I have too many Mustangs already. It is a creative process for me, not a money making one so time is not money in this case. You can see other cars I’ve built on my Youtube page. dmax5o

Nothing on this car was rushed and everything done was done with performance, aesthetics and quality in mind. Nothing was just “thrown” together and very little (almost nothing) was able to just bolt on. If you are a fox body person you probably noticed this does not look like a normal GT. Personally I am not a fan of the GT ground effects or tail lights with louvers. The Cervini Stalker front end is a beautiful one piece front end that looks like a Saleen style front on steroids. Angular and aggressive the Stalker front gives a unique appearance. Similarly, the stock GT rear bumper looks clunky so I replaced it with a new Cervini Cobra bumper which is much more streamlined and allows the use of LX style exhaust.

The goal of this car was to build a beautiful restomod street car that has the reliability, drivability and great gas mileage… not an all-out max power effort though this car will spin the tires in third gear. What does that mean exactly? Because folks have different interpretations of what a street car is, let me clarify. This is not the normal Coyote swap Mustang you see that is missing Air Conditioning and heat, has manual brakes and steering, no sway bar etc. This was built to be an all-around car with every facet addressed… a motor with a healthy idle and exhaust note, a sweet torque band, the ability to sit and idle in 100 degree weather without overheating all while keeping its passengers cool and comfortable with the choice of either listening to the music of the exhaust note or a high end quality stereo system. (not a bass monster or thumpy stereo)
The interior on this Mustang is as nice as you’ll find. The interior was completely stripped and and replaced with black interior pieces (which are getting much harder and more expensive to find in good shape). Anything that needed to be was replaced, cleaned or redyed to include:

New Headliner New Carpet New floormats New hatch carpet New door panels New custom leather door inserts New Door weather seal New Hatch weather seal New door trim New door dew wipes New stainless locks New Taylor rear Battery box New Double Din touchscreen DVD/bluetooth stereo New NRG short steering adapter and steering wheel New NRG quick disconnect steering wheel adapter New shifter seal New Leather shift boot New shifter bezel New 1/4 windows New Hurst billet shifter

and lots more new.

The center console boasts a new leather boot with a black billet Hurst shifter handle and armrest delete. The stock airbag steering wheel was pulled in favor of a much nicer steering wheel with a NRG short mounting hub and 2.5 quick release so you can take your steering wheel off as a security measure.

The custom headliner deletes the ugly map light and visor mounts for a very clean look.


The stereo consists of a pair of MB Quart 6.5” components in the front. The speakers are driven by an old school A/D/S 2-channel amp. If you know stereos, you know this is nice stuff. This stereo was put together for accurate audiophile sound, not so folks can hear bass from 3 miles away. Everything is controlled by a Pioneer Double DIN DVD blue tooth head unit with Hands free phone as well as A2DP to stream music via Bluetooth so you could select a song from outside the car if you wished.

Many days were spent on the wiring on this car. All wiring throughout the car was gone through and routed out of sight for a very clean installation. New brake lines were formed and hidden to clean up the engine bay. A trick Wilwood combination proportioning valve and brake light switch was installed which replaces what would normally be a gutted stock prop valve and a snakes nest of brake lines.

Like everything else on this car, the electric fan setup was well thought out. Two electric fans are installed. The main fan is mounted on the aluminum high flow radiator and the additional Derale pusher fan is installed in front of the condenser. The sought after Mark VIII fan has two relays to handle the high amp load and an indicator light for each relay. A 2 speed 12” Derale fan has a relay for each speed. Each fan is thermostatically controlled by the Ford Racing computer and the front fan is also switched on low when the AC is turned on to keep refrigerant pressures in their required range.

AC is the most often left out feature on Coyote swaps due to cost and complexity. To do it right an AC system needs a pressure switch and wide-open-throttle (WOT) cutout as well as fan activation installed in series with the dash selector knob for proper operation. This build has all that. AC systems can be ugly and distracting in a show car. This system was designed with custom lines placed low and routed to be unobtrusive. In addition the large and unsightly AC accumulator has been relocated to the front out of sight. Everything in the AC system is new except the evaporator which was leak checked. All that’s left to do is pull a vacuum, check for leaks, and charge the system.

There are several custom panels made from stainless steel throughout the engine compartment that cover no longer used access panels for the wiring harnesses, throttle cable and really accent the paint. A stainless panel was even made for the fuel filler behind the fuel door.

As this car is too nice to drive in the rain the firewall panel also deletes the ugly windshield wiper motor. Billet covers are installed on the windshield wiper mounts. Rainx is on the windshield in case one accidentally hits a shower. If this is an issue, the motor and wipers can easily be reinstalled. If needed for inspection the wipers can be installed in a few minutes.

Power steering and brakes also add complexity and cost to a Coyote swap but are a necessity on a street car. Again, ugly stock hydroboost lines could be installed, but not on this build. All brake and AC fittings were converted to AN fittings and custom Aeroquip stainless braided lines were fabricated and used on the pressure lines. A beautiful aluminum power steering reservoir fits right in with the design theme and aesthetically balances the engine bay opposite the fuel pressure regulator.

A 5 lug conversion was completed with SN95 spindles. Cobra brakes from a Ford 2300K brake kit (same as on a 93 Cobra) were installed front and rear giving massive 13” front and 10.65” rear brakes. The parking brake pawl was welded and custom bracket made in order to have a properly working parking brake. Braided steel brake lines give better pedal feel on the front.

Power is sent to the rear wheels via a new flywheel and new 11” Ram clutch through a Tremec TKO 5 speed (w approx 2000miles) with a Pro 5.0 shifter and a Ford Racing Aluminum driveshaft converted to the larger output shaft of the TKO.


In the rear, to keep the stock axle width and allow the use of wheels with the same backspacing, the popular North Racecar brackets were used in conjunction with stock length Moser 31 spline axles to handle the increased power and use of slicks if desired. Good traction and lots of torque are insured by New 3.73 gears and positrac. The suspension includes Eibach pro lowering springs and new KYB struts and shocks. The quad shocks are removed to allow wider tires and the New upper and lower control arms have greasable urethane bushings to control wheel hop and axle bind.

One of my favorite upgrades is the conversion of both the instrument cluster and the AC gauges to LED lighting. This makes the car so much nicer at night. It’s better than new and the needles really pop. While the dash was out, the plastic cover on the instrument cluster was removed and polished. That took it from hazy to crystal clear. To better keep track of engine vitals Autometer oil pressure and water temperature Cobalt series gauges were installed however the stock oil pressure sensor was integrated into the Coyote motor so the stock gauge will work. Monitoring of all engine parameters can be done wirelessly through the ITSX on an Android or Apple device.

Now for what you really care about. The engine. The 5.0 Coyote motor is the best Mustang motor Ford has ever produced. If you put the same amount of boost on these motors, testing has shown they produce significantly more power than the GT500 motor. Most folks see over 25mpg. These motors are tame while idling around and a beast when you step on the throttle. After doing one Coyote swap I liked it so much decided to swap three of my cars. I replaced a fully built 408w in one car with a stock Coyote and a Boss block twin turbo 331 with and a built and blown Coyote.

The motor in this car came out of a 2013 F150 with 21,000 miles. The valve covers were removed, the motor was inspected and this motor looks brand new. The 5.0 in the Mustang and F150 are virtually the same with a few minor differences. As it now sits the only difference between this motor is half a point lower compression, the addition of an oil to water cooler, and an intake cam with 1mm less lift which is geared towards more torque. All of these differences are welcome changes in my opinion. While I love the naturally aspirated Coyote in my other car it does feel a bit soft down low. With more torque and 3.73 gears this car should pulls much harder. If you plan on boosting at some point, the half point lower compression is very good as it is a guard against detonation and will allow more boost. An oil cooler is something the Boss and F150 motors have but the Mustang GT does not. If you plan on any heavy duty use such as road racing, an oil cooler is a must, and this car has one.

Power by the Hour’s front accessory kit was used to mount the new AC compressor, new power steering pump and new alternator. This kit includes new tensioners and belts as well. A custom lower radiator hose integrates the oil to water cooler lines. Stock Mustang headers were modified with the collector flanges cut off and made into pseudo long tube headers. On a previous swap I used BBK ceramic long tubes but found when it came time for some clutch work the Tremec Bellhousing could not be removed even with the headers loosened. The headers can not be removed with the engine in the car so the entire drivetrain had to be pulled to swap the clutch. The stock Mustang headers are nice stainless pieces with the same size primaries as the BBK long tubes and were extended with mandrel bent stainless 2.5” tubing. Now replacing the clutch doesn’t require removing the entire drivetrain. All the cold air kits you can buy actually put the filter in the driver’s side of the engine bay where it will ingest heated air. I data logged the difference in IAT while driving on another Coyote swap and there is a significant difference in IAT between a JLT intake that draws air from the engine bay and this custom 4” intake that pulls fresh air out from behind the front bumper. Hot air is the enemy of power and can result in detonation. Just as importantly I did not like the look with the filter covering the smoothed fender panels that took so much work to make look nice. The lines of this intake tube matches the slope of the valve cover and it looks much nicer. It is a true 4” aluminum tube with a custom CNC’d MAF sensor mount.


This car has the proven SCT ITSX tuner with a conservative tune by Woodbine Motorsports. The great thing about this tuner is you can connect it wirelessly to your Android/Apple device and display any of the available engine parameters from the OBDII port such as the wideband readouts or you can add or remove timing from the tune.

This car was built to drive every day in the hottest weather without the car or driver overheating. The AC system has all new custom lines, a new 2011 compressor, new accumulator and new condenser and runs R134. This beast sports a brand new set of 18×9 Bullitt wheels with 5.0 caps and new tires front and rear.

While this car has been completely sorted through, it is still a 91 Mustang with 1991 design. some of my description about drivability, Don’t get the idea this is a Lexus or Toyota. This is a muscle car, with muscle car appeal. The MAC exhaust with 3” polished tips give a deep throaty sound. However it is also very refined for a car of this power level with sound deadening and modern creature comforts and electronics. This car will get attention. Come look at this car. You won’t be disappointed. No joyrides. No one will drive this car without money in my hand and a commitment to buy. Whoever does buy this car will be assured that this new combo has not been ragged on by anyone as it will not be driven. The car is titled in Texas

If you don’t have financing or cash already in place, do not bid. If you have zero feedback I will cancel your bid unless you contact me.

The engine bay was smoothed the car has been wet sanded and buffed and the car is gorgeous but not perfect. I would encourage any potential buyer to come check the car out as pictures are much smaller than the car itself and it’s always good to see in person.

This is an old car and a high performance car and as such there is no warranty nor guarantee this car will meet all the emissions criteria your state may have. This car has the popular modification of removing the ugly airbag steering wheel and replacing it with a race style wheel. It is the buyers responsibility to assume any risk with this removal and understand state laws and implications regarding this. I have the stock airbag steering wheel and can provide this if desired.’

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