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Lucky You Owning A Muscle Car!

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By Mark Weisseg

I always get ticked off when I hear someone say, ” man, that guy is lucky, look at his cars!”
Luck has very little to do with it. Certainly if you were born with the silver spoon in your mouth or you hit the lottery, then you are lucky.

Do you think Rick Hendricks, Richard Rawlings, Danny Koker or Jay Leno thinks they are lucky? I will bet your money they feel blessed and fortunate but lucky- NO. They worked very hard for there success and money. Countless hours, failures, hard work, time away from home are all the things you do not hear about. Do you think Rick Hendricks considers himself lucky after what happened to him several years ago near Martinsville? I doubt it.

The idea that you need buckets of money to be in our hobby is over extended. Certainly if your tastes run toward an Auburn or a one of three Hemi powered car then you better either get really lucky or work really hard.

Today, just like years ago a first timer or even a seasoned veteran of our hobby can get it on the cheap. What’s wrong with starting out with a Falcon, BelAir or a Maverick. Not the best of show of course but everyone needs to start somewhere. Let me indulge you a minute.

When I was a youngster I had a deer rifle and I loved that rifle. But as I aged I wanted a mini bike. So, I sold the rifle for the Sears mini bike. Then, as I grew I wanted a step up to a motorcycle. So, I sold the mini bike to get the motorcycle. Then, I wanted my first car and you know now what I had to do. Now that I am as old as dirt I thought about that rifle one day and went out and bought another one some 40 plus years later. It’s a great rifle but you know it’s not the same feeling I had when I was 14. You can try to buy memories but it never quite feels like it did the first go around.

My point is simple. Go buy that classic car. It does not need to be a orange 69 GTO with all the bells and whistles. It might be a 62 Ford Falcon with a straight six and a automatic to boot. You might just get more attention than you thought because the car shows are littered with Shelbys, Z28’s, Vettes, and other spicy hot cars of the day. Then, after you enjoy your classic, maybe step up a notch, and then two and then maybe after a lot of work and cracked knuckles you may land the big fish. Just take your time and do not get caught up in the hype that you need to have only the best right away. I mean how many of us started out that way. Very few. Go and do some homework and read up on the gentlemen I mentioned above. You will see none of them started out with the best. They started small and WORKED there way up.


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