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Love Your Four Door Muscle Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

Back in the day, a sleepy looking Dodge pulls along side of you and you look over and just smile at the driver. You don’t think much about the red four door Dodge as it has dog dish hubcaps and is as plain a Jane as possible. What you don’t know until it’s too late is that the Dodge has a 440 monster under that massive hood. The light turns green and this red boat is gone in a flash. Lesson learned.

Flash forward to 2015 and the red Dodge is a nice car, but generally we in this hobby do not accept a four door as a classic fast muscle car. Are we wrong? Maybe. I mean I have heard for years people say, two doors too many, or if it has more than two doors it’s a family car.

This notion may need some adjustment. If you look carefully at the current Dodge Charger, it has been a four door since its return and you can get that with a 707 Hellcat engine. So, it’s the same story. You pull up to the light and see a red 2015 Dodge Charger with four doors. You look over at the driver and smile. You know the rest of the story of course. As for the Charger some buyers stayed away due to the four door issue and begged FCA to bring out a two door version. I think it’s coming but maybe in the form of a Cuda. Time will tell.

Times change, people change, ideas and styles change so I ask should we change our thoughts about a four door hot rod? Time will tell but there are plenty of examples of new cars sold today with four doors and big horsepower under the hood. So, why is it okay to buy a new car today with four doors and 500 horsepower but not a 66 Dodge with 425 horsepower?

Maybe its time to embrace whole hearted the four door as any other performance car.

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