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A Dodge Dart to the Fast Muscle Car World

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By Mark Weisseg

The Dart was a little car made between 1960 and 1976, built to be a simple little car with few thrills.
They did build the Dart way back in ’62 that had a 413cu. Ramcharger stuffed in it and it was a rocket. Even a 426cu. (7.0 L) 2G Hemi V8 for the 1968 S/S was available.
The Dodge Dart suffered the same neutering as the rest of the muscle car market and by 1975 it had adopted more creature comforts, like the ‘Quiet Car’ package, but the performance days were being drowned out.

Now, let’s turn the clock back to the Dart pictured here. Someone loved the style and the fact it was light weight. It also isn’t a Charger, Roadrunner, or Challenger. It’s a Dart and someone threw a ton of money and time into this beauty. Big engine, great paint, lowered the body, upgraded the interior, and so on.

For me it’s a winner. I liked the Dart back in the day as a cute little car that you could depend on with its slant six engine. Some opted for the small V8 for a bit more power under the lid as well. But, the folks that built this Dart threw away the specs and went after a whole new creature and they won. What a beautiful car and I like when someone takes a car that was very vanilla and recreates it. I will bet this car gets a lot of attention everywhere it goes.

Hats off and congratulations to the Dart. Let see more of these.

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