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A Love Of A Big Time Hot Rod

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By Mark Weisseg

A 468 crate engine with a blower. Light weight, low rider, leather interior, exhaust cut outs and much more. Is that cool?

Some folks cannot stand these type of Hot Rods. Others will drive or build nothing but these types. I happen to know this guy and he has a mix of classic cars. I think it’s perfect for any collection. I won’t mention his other cars as it might give him away and there are privacy laws folks. Needless to say I believe the car is stunning.
It’s a bit tight inside but most all hot rods are. That big blower makes it a bit tougher to see what you are going to hit but one must admit it is cool.

I would like to remind all of you this is how our hobby began. People took average cars like a 32 Ford and tinkered with them to get more horsepower. One thing led to another and here we are today. Hot rods like this can be very expensive and in the climate in which I live somewhat limited. I am quite sure nobody would intentionally drive this in the rain and you know it’s a no go for winter.

So, do you like these rods with the big blowers? Some say they are ugly and are off the path. I hear the same about rat rods. But let’s be clear in that we all cannot have a 66 Chevelle’s with a 396 four speed. The hobby would be a bore. With our desire to one up one another the hot rod market is strong. I can assure you this car is better looking in person than my camera phone allows. All of us go through withdrawals in the winter months as our cars sit and wait for us. I know this would make my life even tougher in the winter. This car screams to be driven and shown.



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