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Back To The Future With A Delorean

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By Mark Weisseg

I was cruising Craigslist recently and saw a guy advertising this well known car for 42k. I almost fell on the floor.
Sure enough two days later at my local show guess what shows up? And to top it off, it was a friend of a friend’s car.

So, I strutted over and after some small talk asked if this was the car I saw on line for sale? The answer was yes so I shut up and looked the car over from stem to stern. It was in very good shape and of course the kids flocked to it.
While I watched I thought about the guy living near me who had his up for sale two years ago for 20k and could not sell it. Now, this guy wants 42k. Good luck. I mean the weak V6 and the odd design has some value for movie lovers I guess. But, this car model has more lives than a cat. I hear people still building these cars in Texas and selling them and a guy that has a warehouse full of parts and so on.

So, if these cars are that special and that well loved, why don’t they sell well? I mean the gull wing doors are cool, and the stainless steel looks cool, but overall the demand is terrible.

Now, I hope to see this guy again soon and see if he had any bites at 42k and if so I need to know who these people are. The guy selling it was doing so as he was buying a house with more garage space in order to put his collection all in one spot. So, this car became the bait in order for him to buy the other house. Will he make it? Stay tuned as I will find out very soon. My bet is he is staying put at this price.

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