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The Legendary Chevrolet Nova SS 396

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By Mark Weisseg

Just stop and stare at this picture. It really does not get much better than this. A fantastic hot rod in a hot rod garage. Gadzooks, looks at all the tools and accessories. Reminds me of my own garage over the years. They all start out big, clean and ready for me but in short order I fill them up to the point that it becomes an obstacle course.

However, it is worth it when you have a SS396 Nova sitting in there. I hope it has a Hurst shifter, bucket seats and some great wheel and tires. These cars were fast, no very fast because they were light. Not as light as the little square Nova of the previous years but this Nova is a sweet one.
The fastback style, the simple interior, that great 396 engine begging you to take the RPM’s higher and higher. This car is and always has been a favorite of mine. There is a guy that attends our shows with a blue one and I vow to get to know him this year. His is blue on blue and when he rumbles in, he rumbles in!

I have a sneaking suspicion there is more than a 396 under the hood but this is the year I find out. He always keeps the hood closed and as a matter of fact he stays to himself and his woman. I want to do a bit of detective work this year and find out what’s under that big hood. But, if it is just a 396 he has done something of value because that Nova sounds as if he could leave you in his dust.

My real only wish is that GM does not bring back the Nova name again on some lame car like FCA did with the Dart. I prefer to have the Nova burned into my memory bank as one of the best hot rods we enjoyed.

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