Keith Haney Amazing 3.894 Pass At Lights Out 7

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It all came to a head this weekend at Lights Out 7, where the weeks of back and forth between competitors finally resulted in them putting their cards on the table and proving their worth at Lights Out 7, South Georgia Motorsports Par.

Haney put down a pass of 3.894 seconds/191.81mph on drag radials in his Chevrolet Camaro, considered to be the quickest e.t. in Drag Radial history, the car being a complete secret until now.

The $50,100 prize may been an inspiration those monstrous pass, but stay tuned for the full spec. of Haney’s car.

From Haney’s blog – “If it wasn’t for Brandon Switzer and Brandon Pesz, Andrew Arnold, Reher-Morrison,
Martin Mickie, Lucas Oil, Racing Junk, Larry Jeffers, and all my guys at Keith
Haney Racing, this wouldn’t have happened,” Haney said. “If it wasn’t for my family,
my wife, my kids, this wouldn’t have happened. I’ve never been away from home for
10 days, not one time, but they’ve let me.
“I could go home tomorrow and know that I accomplished what everybody
said I couldn’t do. But it wasn’t me.”
Haney said he simply lets “go of the button” on the starting line, while plenty of
people have worked countless hours preparing his new car. It started with Larry Jeffers
Race Cars building a state-of-the-art chassis, and then Switzer, Dan Carver, and
Brian Sitton from Switzer Dynamics finished the car.
“Larry Jeffers built the chassis, and then it went to Brandon Switzer’s,” Haney said.
“Brandon and his guys all worked very hard putting this car together. They had some
late nights, sleepless nights, long hours. I created hell for these guys.”
Haney also gives credit to Reher-Morrison Racing Engines for good horsepower, to
Mark Mickie of M&M Transmissions for helping harness that power, and Menscer
Motorsports for building a set of shocks this week.
And, of course, he thanks Switzer and Pesz for tuning the engine/chassis combination.
The duo had never tuned a Drag Radial car until this week, when Haney tested the
new car at Orlando Speed World before coming to SGMP.
“Guess what? They just know how to drag race,” Haney said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a
big tire or a little tire. What matters is they put as much passion and hard work
into as I do in driving.”

Below are a few videos, from different angles of Keith’s amazing pass.


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