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Justifying a Dodge Charger Hellcat

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By Mark Weisseg

Gadzooks I was just at the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealer having a spare key made for my Jeep. $220 for an extra key with a fob. My Shelby was $185 so any of you looking for a way to make extra money find the system to make keys. Holy Moley that hurt the pocket book.

But, I was wandering around looking at new cars, Ram Trucks and of course Jeeps. This dealer took all the window stickers off so I guess you are sitting down when someone gives you the sticker price. Except the four door Dodge Charger in the showroom. The sticker was on the dash so I took a picture. Over 73k for a four door Charger with the Hellcat engine. Still want one? Not me friends.

A four door car that will lose value every year for 73k. The winter will beat it up unless you plan on storage but then of course you need another car or truck for the lousy weather. I still cannot buy into a four door Charger. It looked nice sitting inside but I kept thinking how much I would despise this car with payments up to 84 months. Yes, 84 months! Zooks, you would be crazy even to do 72 months let alone 84. Do you think anyone will be blown away by your average looking four door car going down the road just because it has a Hellcat engine nobody can see? Clearly it’s a fast muscle car and the vehicle was nice but……

Of course it’s your money and you can buy what you desire but if you waited a year or so you could buy that same four door used for a much better deal.
Let someone else with buckets of loot take the hit for you. The truth is hard to gulp at times but the truth is these cars are not bringing high used car prices yet. I see them at auctions on TV and of course on the Internet. Asking prices are high but the selling price is much lower. There is always some banana head that says the Kelly blue book price is this…. Well, news flash. KBB does not write your checks. It’s just a tool for you to give you advice. Just like Hagertys internet site. It’s just guide posts and not legal tender.

Too many people are finding out the hard way after beating the cars for two years or so that the real selling price is much lower than you imagined. The buyers all know for the most part you were hard on the engine to have fun with all 707 ponies. Now, you have a two year old four door Charger. That’s really it. So, please take a deep breath before slinging the cash out. If you believe you may keep the car a long time, say five plus years it might be worth it but I still lean toward no.

Prove me wrong if you can. The Hellcat engine seems to be reliable but once the initial fun is over or you get that first dent or scratch it will hit you with those long term payments.

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