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Muscle Car Talk: A Mopar family

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By Mark Weisseg

We all know the family that loves a certain type of car and sticks with it forever. They are the type that no matter what they are they are loyal. Even to the point of craziness.

We all know of at least one family that cannot wait for the next model year to come out. If anyone would suggest they switch brands they look at you like you were the crazy one.
Hey, I get it. I know a guy that is a Mustang nut. He rattles off statistics as well as facts and figures that boggle the mind. You cannot even tell if he’s lying because he can rattle the stuff off so fast. He would never consider buying another brand. That would be outlandish. I would offer a suggestion that for those who are stuck with one brand to at least try something else. It’s a hard sell though. The other issue what does the loyal family do if the car is no longer made? It happens and it’s not pretty when you were a Plymouth or a Oldsmobile lover.
Do you throw the towel in and tie yourself to the railroad tracks? Or, do you switch to another brand? Heck no! You just keep rebuilding the cars you have. The NEVER give up attitude gets put to all the tests at this point.

Here is a true story from the 1970’s that you should enjoy. We were church going people. Ma was the church organist for over 50 years and Pa served in all roles for the same amount of time. There was a family who arrived every Sunday in a Hudson Hornet. There were five kids and the old man. No wife present but the six of them rolled in every single week in a Hudson Hornet. It was the talk of the church and when asked about how much longer the old Hornet would go the owner would say longer than he would.
Well, I moved away right after school so I lost track of the family and the old Hudson Hornet. My Dad says they had been driving that Hudson for as long as he could recall. Now, that’s love.
It was a huge car by any standards. When most people were driving vanilla run of the mill cars this family settled on something way off the radar. So, I do wish I knew whatever happened to that car. But that was now 40 plus years ago now so I would imagine the bone yard swallowed it up.

It does not need to be expensive to earn loyalty points. No, just brand love. What do you do if you fell in love with a Pinto and then they stop making them after a short amount of time. You either need to switch your love or buy up parts for the future. Including body panels cuz folks they rusted. I was one of those guys who spent part of his career rustproofing cars and no matter what we did, certain cars rusted no matter what. It’s just a fact of life. In the mean time if you know of a family or a person who is loyal to the end please share that story with us.

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