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How To Find An Iconic 1970 Plymouth Superbird

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By Mark Weisseg

A guy I know just bought this car this past week. It is a Plymouth Superbird of course as we all know but get this, the car has 5,439 original miles. It has the original window sticker and the build sheet, with a 440, not a Hemi.
How did he stumble onto such a rare find?

The car was in the state of New York and for a while it was in an Auto Trader magazine. I guess the price was so high nobody made the right offer so back in the garage it went. The guy selling it really did not want to sell it but, he had a child going off to College and clearly this car sale would pay for the fees.

Meanwhile, back at the Homefront I have another friend who happens to know a guy in New York and the NY guy mentioned to my friend about the Superbird. My friend asks him to dig up the old issue of Auto Trader to get a phone number. The guy in NY does that and passes the information on to our mutual friend. Our friend here calls the owner up and makes a deal for the Bird. None of us know the price paid yet but it does not really matter here anyway. What matters is the circle of friends who keep an eye out for other friends. Not the I got your back kind of friends but, friends that understand our hobby. How this car slipped through to this point is beyond me.

I have an old high school friend, who is hot on the trail of a 69 Roadrunnner convertible that has been sitting in a garage neglected for years. He and I are on this trail but my friend wants first crack at it since he found it. Ok. He emailed me this week about a ’64 Dart drop top in a garage that can be had for 8k. We are on this one as well trying to get in and see it for ourselves and not let the world know where it is.

That is what this story is about really. Digging around with your friends and family, letting key people in on the secret to get the right person to buy the hidden gem. Deals like this take patience and slow movement. If you spook the current owner he or she might slam the door in your face. So, in the meantime keep looking in every garage, every stable, every barn and most importantly, use a network of friends. The more hands on deck to find a car, the better.

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