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Consider A Truck For Your Next Project.

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By Mark Weisseg

I know these Chevy trucks well. My truck sat for 33 years in a barn with mice and rats making it there vacation home. When I got mine the engine was locked, the tires were flat, the seat was eaten by the homeowner mice, the body had dings and dents and the paint had faded.

So, why did I love it then and love it now? Because the AD or advance design as it was termed from 1947 to 1953, started a truck revolution.
A revolution that began chopping, bagging, slamming, murdering, and so on. All these new terms for the old trucks. Guys take the bodies off of them and put on Chevy S10 frames or use the Mustang II front end. They put the disc brakes on and lower the body. Why? Because you can and its pretty easy. The truck was a test bed for many of the vehicles today. You gotta learn on something and this truck is so easy. Want the body off? About 8 bolts and lift it off. It’s that easy. I left mine as is but I have seen the same truck with air conditioning, power steering and brakes, a lot more power than you can imagine, and have a real bad ass ride.

If a truck is your thing, have possibly more options than any other type of vehicle, keep its original or let your creativity go wild. The possibilities are endless.
So, when you next consider a project to soup up, maybe think about a truck to shortlist. they are gaining more and more popularity and will arguably never fall out of fashion.

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