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By Mark Weisseg

You could argue that the original hot rods were the inspiration for later muscle cars, which is one of the reasons why these vehicles are so special today.

When you get into a car like this the room inside is barely manageable. It has a very low head space, leg room is challenging for tall cats like me and has non of the modern day luxuries. Then, why do we all love them so?

Is it because guys discovered you could make these cars into almost anything you could dream of. It certainly cannot be that the cars are now cheap. Go searching for anything in this style and I mean any make and you will find the prices will knock you over.
At one time it was all about the 32-34 Fords and how you could make it badass. Now, I see Plymouth and other makes and I know why. Go look at even a beat up 32-34 Ford and you better be ready to spend the inheritance. So, we all got kind of smart and moved on to any make or model that has this basic appearance. Does it matter really if you use a 34 Plymouth body and make your dream hot rod? My guess is no. Sure we all want that Ford I guess but before the weekend and between Football playoff games I did a search of hot rods and I am glad I was sitting down with the results came back. However, if you do pass up on one of these rarities, you can still lose out from them further shooting up in price.

The thumping noise you may hear is me kicking myself that I passed on a 29 Ford Model A late last year for 5K. It would have been a perfect hot rod. But, I did not have the forsight to see that far ahead. So, now if you hear a popping noise as a friend of mine in Toledo Ohio told me, it’s my head coming out my ass. Sorry for the bad language but at times I wonder why we all get lost in the immediate and forget the future. Geez, am I dumb. Hopefully I learned from that and you all will learn a lesson. The lesson in today class is do not ever pass on this make or model. Even if you need to sit on it for a while please do so.

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