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By Mark Weisseg

Well, this picture says a thousand words. One does wonder what happened here. Did someone lose interest? It appears the car is among many other treasures but we’ll never know for sure. The web sites such as Craigslist and EBay are full of lost interest cars and trucks. A person starts off with a dream and a plan but somewhere along the way the plan goes off the tracks. It’s hard to stay on course when doing a hot rod. It’s expensive, hard work, and the results are slow to materialize.

This hot rod in the picture appears a bit different. It has the look that at one time it was a car driven. Why it was parked and when is a mystery to us. But, as you understand it sure would be fun to know it’s whereabouts. Why? Of course, go dig it out! It has all the makings of a 32 Ford and if that body is steel you have hit the pay dirt. No pun intended. Finding a real steel body is getting tougher and much more expensive. Of course replicas are made today and they are well done. But to have a real steel bodied hot rod is honestly the best way to go. I hear all the time that barn finds or field finds are getting almost impossible.

I agree they are getting tougher but just in the last three years I personally have bought three myself. And, I know if three more that can be bought in a circle radius of 50 miles just from my home, they are out there my friends and you can find them. It takes networking, time, and the stick to it plan. I encourage you to dig deeper, probe deeper, and to never give up. Myself, I just finally bought a building to store my collection in. I wouldn’t have needed it until these last three acquisitions. So, please for the hobby go and find these treasures. Share your experiences on line so that others can get motivated as well. Now, go!

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