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The 2017 Muscle Car Man Cave

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By Mark Weiseeg

Several years ago the man cave was in the house. Maybe the tv room or a basement converted. A few of the lucky ones had it in the garage where as most of us just dreamed of one.

Last night I saw these two pictures and realized the man cave has switched gears. A friend of mine has one for his Corvettes. He even has two electric lifts, signs on the wall and all kinds of neat things. I don’t have a man cave yet. However, I am in the process of trying to have a very large one. Lots of back and forth talk to make a deal but nothing in stone yet. I am not sure I would put up all the signs but I want space for all my cars, Internet service, and some comfy chairs. I don’t think I am asking too much. But, from what I have gathered from tonight many , many guys have man caves in the garage. Some have kitchens, bathrooms, a bed, a shower, one guy even has a turnstile on the floor to turn the bikes and cars around. I read about a community in the suburbs of Chicago that is all man caves. High end and it even has a jet landing strip. Currently the builders are sold out. These are not cheap obviously and it serves the very wealthy.


For the rest of us regular guys we convert garage space. Some just do it better than others. I know of a guy locally that is building a simple two car garage. One side for his 67 Charger and the other for his man cave stuff. Whatever that is. So, is this justified? Well, the question should be : is this right? The answer is of course it is. It’s your money and you can do with it as you please. These two examples of man caves got me excited to get back in the arena. I want To start talks again to see if I can land my own piece of land to use as I wish. I can visualize it so clearly but like most dreams there is much work that needs to go into it. I am starting tomorrow. You?

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