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Hot Rod talk: Chop All The Way, But Safety First.

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By Mark Weisseg

Checking out this hot rod you can see it is a vehicle built for 2016 and beyond. The hint is in the third brake light. A lot of builders of hot rods leave this out as they believe it takes away from the design.
There are purists and then those who will chop a vehicle all day long. If you’re going to modify a vehicle, why not go all the way?

Chop all the way
The roof on this rod is chopped, the entire car is lowered and overall the build is badass. So, what if you add a small safety feature. I would rather have that third light than someone hitting me back there and claiming they could not see me. Then, you would wish you had that extra light.
Speaking of lights, do not forget side marker lights as well. We put so much energy into the headlight look and style that we tend to forget the little things. Four way hazard lights in case of an emergency, etc. Is there a jack to change a tire? Do you even have a spare tire? Mirrors. Not just mirrors for show but mirrors that really work. Many guys install back up cameras today as the chop is so severe it is almost impossible to see out the back. It’s not that costly to do but, may save something bigger than your car.

The originality of designs make all these vehicles unique. If they are going to be regular drivers, build in all the features that we have come to expect. It doesn’t have to limit the design, just to make the vehicle more safe and roadworthy.

I just want all of you to be safe and enjoy your classic hot rod every time you drive it. Don’t get cheap or lazy when it comes to safety features. You can incorporate them into your built without sacrificing beauty in the example hotrod here shows that with imagination and subtle detailing, safety and style can go hand-in-hand.

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