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The 1970 Plymouth Fury

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By Mark Weisseg

From all the classic muscle cars of the era, this limited edition Plymouth was a rocker. Certainly not as lightweight as the Mustangs and Camaro’s of the day but, this Fury meant business.

It was a big car with a long hood and big trunk. The upside was that the car had a nice ride and plenty of amenities to go along with it.

Off the line you could get up and go pretty darn fast with either the 383 or the 440 tucked under the hood. One could only have a automatic transmission back in the day but the car was a luxury model that just could smoke you if you let your guard down.

I thought back in the day the car was pretty cool looking with the hide away headlights and sleek appearance but, sales were only average. Remember, it’s 1970 so if the consumer really wanted a land rocket he would opt for a lighter weight car like the Roadrunner, Charger and such.
So, the bigger cars like this with the bigger engines got relegated to the older set who were into luxury rides with a hint of power.
The test was positive in that Chrysler started to understand its audience and what they really desired. You know this laid out Plymouth was only steps away from the Chrysler crowd. That meant Imperials or New Yorkers. They had big engines too but they were loaded down with high end items and were never made to be known for a quarter mile time. I had a ’68 Chrysler New Yorker with a 440 engine and a four barrel carb. The car seemed like it weighed two tons but it was designed for a long slow comfy drive. The Fury was put into the cheap mans Chrysler category, so it faded away. My Dad took a turn with a Fury for a while and it had the Standard 360 V8 but it was not made to run with the big boys.

So, our Fury was put out to pasture and other models from Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge finally got a foot hold in all the markets. Little did anyone know what was about to happen in the insurance game only a few years later.

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