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Hot Rod Quirks: Car Accessories.

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By Mark Weisseg

This cool car is a true classic but, with some strings attached.

First, the paint job is a classic. Even though the flames are green it has the styling touches we all remember.
Second, the side pipes are what made a true hot rod in the day. They made a lot of noise, hung low and went on forever it seemed on the side.

Third, it is a big bulky car of the day. The early hot rods were big cars, at times a family car that a young teenage boy got his hands on and made his own.

Fourth, the rig only has two doors. Even back in the fifties guys knew real hot rods had two doors. Time will tell if a four door ever becomes a true classic.

Fifth, the dummy spot lights. For some reason back in the day many of the rodders had spot lights. Some worked and others were fake. I really do not understand the nature of why that was cool then but it was. Other features – fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror, cheap seat covers like leopard skin or other animals, stick on tinted windows that always peeled, chrome tips on the exhaust, a chrome air cleaner housing, chrome valve covers, the rear end pumpkin painted orange, curb feelers, CB antenna, or fake TV antennas. The list goes on and on. It seems to be a true hot rod guy back in the day you had to have as many add on items as possible. They may have been odd or silly, but they are now retro cool.

But my favorite of all time has to be the wolf whistle. What teenage girl would not come running over to your car once you laid on the wolf whistle horn? Instant chick magnet for sure. If that tactic did not work what in the world would? It’s funny today to look back but even today I see some interesting things that make me scratch my head.

No matter the era of car, adding accessories make your car individual and memorable. Remember the short lived fashion of having a furry dash? We may forget certain cars, but remember these, no matter how good or bad the car.

So, I will leave you with the question of what could be next for this generation. Time will tell.

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