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Bar Talk: Ignore The Haters, Build Your Own Vehicle

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By Mark Weisseg

Bagging life on cars and trucks is an alien concept to me. I am a more traditional restorer, but it’s still interesting to see the cool results.

Under the hood the owner more than likely has it tricked out and clearly he or she dumped a lot of cash into this vehicle. I have stated before no matter what you do you will have haters. Don’t lose sleep over the haters. The haters are usually the ones that show up in a ’63 Dodge Dart with a 273 engine that was owed by Grandpa.

I knew a hater from a few years ago. He introduced himself to me and started whining and moaning about some of the crazy cars. I asked him what he had and he asked me to follow him. As we were walking along I was thinking I was going to regret this and sure enough I did. What this Bozo had was a 1983 Ford LTD four door, very low miles and the screwball put 302 emblems on the fenders. Turns out it was his Grandmothers car. I stood there in silence trying to figure out whether to pour coffee on him or just walk away. I landed up just turning on my heels and walking back to my car. He never spoke to me again and for that I am eternally grateful.

It doesn’t matter what you own and what you want done to a vehicle, there will be somebody out there who disagrees.
So, for you guys out there that bag, tub, murder, shave and so on you have my vote even though I don’t fully understand it. Do what makes you happy and keep taking our hobby to the edge. All of us will figure out how far to go but, I know it’s not a 83 LTD.

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