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Horse Power and Heels: Promoting Women In Motorsports

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Horsepower & Heels was started when Erica Ortiz’s racing counterparts showed shock at her dress and heels attire away from the track.
Erica’s response was, ‘Who Says Horsepower & Heels don’t mix?!? Thus, the idea was born for Horse Power and Heels.

Erica told us, “We are really passionate about celebrating, promoting and supporting the success of women in motorsports.   There are so many talented ladies not only driving, but as crew members, team owners and industry professionals in our sport, and we really hope to share that message to the world.  Our mission is to to lead and inspire young women interested in pursuing their dreams in the male-dominated automotive and racing industry.”

The idea is to support and promote women in motorsport, give them media coverage and help with the business and marketing side of things.
The idea was to start an all-female race team, which has now evolved into more of a brand and a following.

This isn’t to promote fist banging feminism, but an equal playing field for all who want to take part in motorsport. Plain and simple.


There are many other facets where women add to the mix in the hobby and sport.
Basically, the girls think of stuff that wouldn’t be immediately obvious to the guys. Take Gina Woods with her Horsepower Chocolate Bar project for motorsport. Making healthier snacks which aren’t your unusual hydrated fat and sugar filled chocolate bars, just wouldn’t occur to me.
Beneficial help, advice and support to those in the sport and hobby is arguably something the girls will be much better at than the guys and this is something everybody needs when coming up through the sport, which is essentially a large part of what horsepower and heels provides. All good stuff…..

All the ladies out there who want to get involved in motorsport in some way, check out their website to see how you can get involved. There are plenty of resources and anything you can’t find on their website, just get in touch with them.


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