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Hennessey HPE1000 Dodge Demon 9.14 sec.

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By Dave Ashton

Hennessey Performance Engineering have been successfully touting their Camaro-based Exorcist as a Dodge Demon killer to good effect, but now it seems they have a package for the Demon itself in the shape of the HPE1000. The car can produce an incredible 1,035HP at the crank and 880 at the wheels, producing a 9.14-second quarter-mile time at 152 mph, quicker than the Demon itself in stock form at 9.65 seconds with 840HP.

To produce the extra power, Hennessey have added to the Demons 6.2-liter supercharged V8 long tube headers, upgraded pulleys, tweaked engine management system, along with Hennessey badging. The company can also give you more power if needed in the form of a HPE1200 package which can give you a whopping 1,500HP along with a roll cage and ‘chute to make sure it complies with NHRA ruling.

The 1st video gives you a quick snapshot of what the upgrade package can do on the dragstrip, showing you the 9.14 sec. time from multiple views. Each view shows you just how brutal this machine sounds, with the end of the video giving you a snapshot of the time slip with some pretty impressive figures.

If you’re interested in one of these upgraded Demons, they will be making only 50 units, which can be ordered via Hennessey directly or through an authorized Hennessey Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership. It makes me think that if the Exorcist is a Dodge Demon killer, then the HPE1000 and HPE1200 must be a Dodge Demon enhancer?? Either way, simply Hennessey will take an already superfast machine and try and make it even faster.

• 880 Rear Wheel HP (1,035 engine hp) @ 6,500 rpm on race gas tune
• 806 Rear Wheel lb-ft Torque (948 engine torque) @ 4,200 rpm

• 4.5L Supercharger
• Supercharger pulley upgrade
• Throttle body upgrade
• Stainless steel long tube headers
• High-flow catalytic converters
• High-flow supercharger bypass valve
• Upgraded high-flow fuel injectors
• Boost-a-pump upgrade
• HPE calibration upgrade
• High-flow air induction system
• Professional installation
• All necessary gaskets & fluids
• Chassis dyno testing
• Road testing (up to 200 miles)
• Hennessey exterior badges
• HPE1000 badges
• Serial numbered plaques
• Hennessey premium floor mats
• 1 Year /12,000 mile limited warranty

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