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Our Facebook Page Hacked

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Update – Facebook have deleted the old fanpage to stop the spammers/hackers spreading anymore spam. Its not ideal, as we have had to start again, but better that than having them post bad content for ever using our name.
Please visit the new page here – and if you could tell as many people as you can to LIKE the new page so we can build it back to what it once was.

Update – trying to email Facebook back today, I have had the emails sent straight back to me saying the mailboxes failed. Therefore, it’s starting to look like they are now completely ignoring the issue. Thus, it’s looking more like the hackers have won, taken over the old fast muscle car Facebook fan page and we have to build backup like it is day one with the new page –
All we can say at this point is we are totally gutted and hope in time all the fans from the old page, start to find the new one and help get the old one banned or deleted as we can only see this as the only way forward.
Please can everyone help us report the old page and get it taken off Facebook before it does any more damage.

Update – daily we are still trying to contact Facebook to either get our old fast muscle car Facebook fan page back or have it banned, so the hackers can’t do any more damage. Unfortunately,  Facebook are still not helping, which means we are spending a good portion of our time on this incident, instead of providing great muscle car content for you.
If you can help out by either contacting Facebook on our behalf, messaging fans on that page to tell them the page has been hacked would be appreciated.

Update – It seems that after a full 48 hours of trying to communicate with Facebook, they won’t let the facebook fanpage back into our hand. Facebook’s official line is that they will not resolve disputes between page admins. Which is just another way of saying they will not help us at all. This is ironic as the same thing happened to us roughly a year ago and we got our page back. Now it seems they have changed their policies and will not help us at all. Thus, the hackers and spammers have won, taken over the old Facebook fan page and using it to direct all traffic to their spam website.

So I have had no choice but to setup another fanpage here – and start from scratch.
Please can you UNLIKE the old page – now taken over by spammers and LIKE the new page instead so I can build the page backup to what it was.
Also, to help us build the page back up, please message all you muscle car fan friends to LIKE the new page.

It is obviously going to take alot of time and work to get the page LIKEs back to 1.5.million, maybe years, but with your help, we can get there. It took over 3 years of work to build up our Facebook page and it has been robbed over night.
As you can appreciate, this has been crushing as we solely focused on Facebook to help fans reach our website. Now all that work has been taken away.
We are only a small group of enthusiasts, not a huge corporate entity, so any help you the fans can give will be much appreciated.

We are going nowhere as a website, just had a big knockback with this. We are relying on our fans to help build back up as Facebook was the main way for people to find us.
Please help in anyway you can.


David Ashton


Update – after a complete day of contacting Facebook through every means, it may look like our Facebook fanpage has been taken away from us for good and we have to setup a new one.
This may not seem a big deal, but it was how we stayed alive as a website getting people from our facebook page. Now it has been taken from us by hackers. Again, please contact Facebook and ask them to give back the admin. rights to David Ashton and tell everyone on the fanpage, now – that the page was hacked.
If we have to setup another facebook fanpage, it will take years to build backup to the great resource it once was. In the short term I will keep on at Facebook. They currently are taking the official line and not showing compassion for the situation.

Update – Sorry for no content today as we have to spend all out time on this Facebook issue. Great Muscle car content will be back tomorrow.

Its looking like Facebook don’t want to help and I think we may have lost the facebook page for good.
It has taken over 3 years to build that Facebook page to over 1.5 million likes and now in 24 hours all that work has been lost.
If we have to setup another Facebook page, please all fans of Fast Muscle car, LIKE and Spread the word for that page if and when we set one up again.
We used the Facebook page to promote our website and keep us going as a website to provide you with the best muscle car content. No other page on Facebook had the same amount of fans for just muscle cars and now it maybe taken away from us.
Again, please contact Facebook and help us get the page back.


Update – we are spending all our time contacting Facebook to try and get our Facebook fanpage back in our hands.
We have had a communication to say that they won’t give the fanpage back to us as they can’t prove it was hacked. This we feel is just a quick way to absolve the situation, but we cannot just take that as a final answer as the fanpage is slowly being wrecked and used for their own spammy needs.
Whoever took over the fast musclecar fanpage are like locusts and will drain the fanpage until no fans are left, then move on.

Please try to contact Facebook on – or

We will never stop trying to get the fanpage back as it was taken from us as we clearly show we have owned it since its start and have only posted muscle car content and not the spam the current people are posting whoever has stolen the fanpage.

Please can all fans of fastmuscle car message/contact facebook via – or via and help us get the page back before the spammer completely destroy years of work.
The spammer don’t care about the theft, only their spam content now going to their spam website.

We really need your help with this matter, as I don’t think we can do it on our own.

We totally need the Facebook fanpage as it our sole route for people to find Fast muscle car and we have put all our efforts over the years to build that fanpage to what it is today as a community for muscle car lovers. Starting again from scratch will break us, like starting all over again, so please try and contact Facebook and help us out with this matter.


We have just been scammed out of our Facebook page

They have taken over admin rights and got rid of us as admin. We are now trying our best to contact Facebook to get admin rights back for the page. They have even changed the facebook url to –

We are asking all our fans to contact Facebook and ask Facebook to give us our admin rights back before they completely destroy years of work.  At the moment we are trying desperately to try and contact Facebook, but they are notoriously difficult to get hold of, so please, if you have a moment please try and contact Facebook if you can as we have spent years building up the Facebook page to try and provide the fans with quality muscle car content. Now it seems it will be taken away.

Please can you contact Facebook and asked them to give the admin rights back to David Ashton for Facebook page


Your help will be much appreciated.


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