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Ford’s Mustang Bullitt Hits The UK

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By Dave Ashton

‘Tally Ho, pip pip, chocks away, we seem to have one of those newfangled Mustangs.’ Sorry, I couldn’t resist and I’m allowed originally being from British shores. It’s been 50 years since the original release of the movie Bullitt and the latest re-creation of the famous Mustang has now hit British shores. But why should this be a big deal?

Mustangs are now available throughout Europe in their native hand drive and this also includes the new Bullitt Mustang. This means that the vehicles are no longer an exotic import, but built directly for European roads. In time the Mustang will be as at home as any other Ford model has been on European roads for decades.
This is important as domestic and overseas car sales are needed to keep up the momentum for a brand and its definitely working for the Mustang GT. So, Europeans like the Mustang GT, but will they be swayed by a limited edition model with Hollywood history?

The review over at reviews the Bullitt Mustang around some winding British roads.

Everything in the European Bullitt is basically the same as the US version, just with the steering wheel on the other side. A 5.0-litre V8, larger throttle bodies, bigger air filter and new exhaust system over a regular Mustang. That equates to a 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds and a fuel economy of 22.8mpg. Ride-wise, the driving experience is said to be, ‘dominated by the engine’ with plenty of torque and an accurate transmission. The upgraded Brembo brakes are standout points and the Magneride system is described as ‘supple.’

As this is for the European roads being a little understated is a good thing, which is where the Bullitt is given credit with its de-badged grille, but the car lost points for having a huge Bullitt badge at the rear instead of the usual pony.


You’ll have to read the review to get the full details, but in general the Bullitt edition is a success, without it being ‘a parody’ or ‘a little clichéd.’ The last paragraph in the review basically sums everything up about not just the Bullitt Mustang, but the modern Mustang in general – ‘It drives exceptionally well, and has been tweaked just enough to make it feel special without tainting the overall driving experience. And that’s the crux of it. The Bullitt feels special – which is just why you should consider one.’

Considering the asking price of £47,545, power(453 bhp) and its limited-edition nature, the Bullitt Mustang is also value for money.


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