The Ford Mustang World’s Best-selling Sports Car

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By Dave Ashton

According to a recent study performed by IHS Markit Data, the Ford Mustang is now the bestselling sports car in the world. This has been mainly due to the Mustang been available to all markets in both left and right hand drive resulting in 45,000 Mustangs being sold in 2016. This is a 101% increase from 2015.

Six new countries are also expected to take delivery of the 2018 Mustang which include the Ivory Coast, Brazil, and the Palau Islands, which will add up to more than 140 countries in the world available to buy the sixth generation of the Mustang. The right-hand drive version of the Mustang has proved very popular in Europe, with its added bit of American exotic nature which stands out vastly from the usual crop of performance vehicles.

The car is also hitting a Goldilocks space in the market with a 5-liter V8, 10-speed transmission, a vast history behind the vehicle and bringing with it topline performance with added to raw muscle car ethos, which is always a pleasure to drive.

Interestingly, the Ford Mustang GT is being heavily used as a cop car in Germany, outranking the likes of domestic vehicles such as the Porsche 911 and the Audi TT. The Mustang is also doing well in countries such as China, as reported in yesterday reaching 88,432 sold in January 2017 alone.

International markets seem to be the key to keep pushing the muscle car revolution, so it’s up to the other muscle car producers to take heed and see if they can dabble in the international markets.

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