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Ford Mustang Convertible Euro Review

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By Lee Cusworth

It’s no surprise that the recent global popularity of the Ford Mustang is because of its introduction to areas like Europe in right-hand drive. This review over at the goes into depth about the convertible version and how it measures up to its competition.

In Europe, the Mustang is up against competition from the likes of the Audi A5 and Mercedes E class but are seen recently, the Mustang has overtaken some of its German counterparts in sales due to its raw nature and exotic muscle car DNA.

The Mustang scores well for spaciousness with room for four in the convertible not only scores 5/10 for comfort, especially when it’s compared to some of its German counterparts. However, where the Mustang does come back, is in the fun to drive section where it scores 8/10. Just like many modern muscle cars, it scores highly in the fun factor, especially with the V8 roar under the hood.

The Mustang does score down in the review for dashboard layout and for its slow steering, along with fuel economy, but muscle cars were never known for their slow sipping of fuel at the best of times.

Although the 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine can still deliver the 5 L GT V8 engine draws a crowd with a UK list price of £42,225 and it’s still much more affordable than its competitors.

The final verdict is the thing to take note from, ‘But nothing else for the money offers such good performance, those head-turning looks and enough space for four people.’ If you don’t mind some of its downsides, the new Mustang is fine value for money if you want some muscle car DNA with heaps of fun, the Mustang could be the performance car to choose this year.

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