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For The Love Of Mopars

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture and immediately fell in love. How cool would this be to walk out of the house and into this heaven? It’s a tight squeeze I guess but if you have these birds in your garage I am jealous. These birds are selling for huge numbers today. Of course there is the crowd that puts there nose in the air if it is not a Hemi but not me. The 440 engine was the engine of choice back in the day. The hemi was an option and back in 1970 nearly everyone thought the 440 was enough. It was and is of course.

However, if you stumble onto a bird with a 426 Hemi find a way to remortgage the house or steal the kids college money because you will need it and more. I know a guy who has a 70 Bird with a 440 engine. Automatic transmission and the shifter is on the column. The car has less than 6k on the odometer. The hard part is some snobs will walk up to the car and see that it does not have the 426 and start whining. Are you kidding me? The SuperBird was not a sales champion at the dealers back in 1970. Many people did not want to drive a car that had a big wing on the back and a curved front grill to go get groceries. Many Dodge Daytona and Plymouth SuperBirds sat on the lots much longer than anyone imagined. And fast forward to our time and they are so rare and so expensive the average collector will never own one.

Many younger people do not believe this but it is true. Back then the talk was that it was simply a 70 Road Runner with a wing on the back and funny nose in the front and it’s odd looking they would say. Now today that funny looking car is bringing huge amounts of money. You still will not drive it to go get groceries but all Mopar fans would love the chance to own one. And that is a fact.

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