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Flying Muscle Cars? Maybe Not.

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By Mark Weisseg

At one time the country was caught up in a fever pitch to go to the moon, building flying cars and modernizing our way of life. Magazines wrote of houses like we saw in the cartoon the Jetsons where everything was a push of a button away.
Well, we made it to the moon and back and our country exploded. We thought we could do anything so the challenge was there to redesign everything. Cars, houses, kitchens, pools, just about everything was under the gun.

So, the designers started designing cars and they were on all the magazine covers. It wet our lips that us regular folks would someday very soon drive really cool cars like the one pictured here. What happened next was …. Nothing major.

We went from the big fins of the Caddys to more ordinary looking cars like a 66 Chevelle. Now, don’t take me wrong, I like the ’66 and a buddy and I cruised for two summers in his in hopes of picking up girls. It worked sometimes too!
But, our run favorite magazines were hyping flying cars and wild cars like this one pictured. Here we are in 2016 with thankfully no flying cars, no jet powered cars or even hover boards. Heck, we are just starting to get serious about driverless cars or electric thingies. For some reason the big push today is cars braking for you rather than you hitting a squirrel.

Back in the days when this car was built, anything seemed possible in the future. Our imaginations could go wild. maybe the reason for the huge engines in our original muscle cars. Let’s build them as big and as powerful as possible. When you have freedom like that, the potential seem limitless those ideas seem to us today. It was just the more outlandish ones that didn’t make it.

We have a long way to go before many things become main stream and sometimes I am just fine with that.

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