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Muscle Car Talk: Enjoy The Weather While You Can

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By Mark Weisseg

This picture made me think about all the people that are whining already about the hot weather.
We have waited months for this nice weather to come around, so now is the time to enjoy your cars.

Listen folks this picture is perfect for all you snow birds that whined all winter that you could not drive your classic car. I was in that same boat as you and like you I stared out the window all winter long. That winter weather gave me time to do some PM on the cars and plan for this summer.

Hot weather is not for everybody, but neither is freezing cold. Just like us, cars like a happy medium.
But of course last week at the car show it was about 85 degrees and I heard the babies. Our show starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm. As expected the old people with the white sandals and socks arrive at 11am to get the spot they so desire. The poor slob who has to work and rush to get there at all is in row Z and at the farthest away point.

We that own and enjoy our cars always think the summer goes too fast and before we know it the leaves are falling off the trees and we’re back to the conditions you seen the picture. That means we have a couple of choices here. Get out and enjoy our cars as much as possible or whine about a rain out or it’s too hot outside. Sure the folks in the Southwest part of the country appear to have the best weather but look at the temperature gauge out there now. Will you stand around for four hours when it is 99 degrees? See, it’s all about attitude. Not everyone has a Utopian situation. Slow your brain down and be grateful for the car you have, the friends you have and the ability to be where you are. The mere thought of a snowstorm right now makes me cringe. Use your noodle and think positive. Get out there and drive as much as possible as the good weather never lasts long…..

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