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Our First Notes From SEMA 2016

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By Mark Weisseg

My brother and I did our annual trip to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. I was lucky enough to meet many TV stars out there that you watch on the tube weekly. More about them in a later article.

Getting there.

To start we stayed at the New York New York casino. Almost as far away as possible from the convention center but it worked out nicely. We grabbed the very crowded mono rail train every day in and out. There is parking but good luck finding a spot. Also, you can take a bus or some hotels have a shuttle. We found the rail system the best way. We met a red haired young guy at the train station who was attending for the first time. Barely nineteen years old, big eyes and very excited to be there. I told him to tag along for a while so he did not land up in no man’s land and he gleefully accepted. When we arrived at one of the many entrances we had to go to the reservation desk to pick up my brothers tickets that never arrived. While he and I waited for older brother Craig he asked me when would we go in? I told him with a smile we were in and all he had to do is walk twenty five feet into the North hall. He did and ironically we never saw him again.

All The Amazing Cars

I have so much to tell you folks that have never been there but let’s start with what we all love, the American Muscle car.
Booth upon booth of every kind representing every product you can think of. And, products being introduced you never heard of as well.
So, it felt good to see a GTO in front of a older style gas station. We felt as if everything else would be fine from here on out and it was.
The day is long and there is so much going on inside the buildings you want to run through to be sure you do not miss anything. But, that is impossible so we knew to take our time and soak it all in. And, do not forget there is just as much going on outside as inside. Tent after tent, trailers, make shift buildings, celebrities, and best of all the drifting going on with the cars and trucks.

People line up for a chance to sit with a professional driver as he or she drives as fast as they can all the time burning rubber and drifting. A joy to watch and those lucky folks who got there ride will never forget it. I wish I had a picture of every tent or building put up for the event but it would take all the space up. Live shots, shows being tapped, and manufacturers selling everything. You will not find an unhappy face anywhere on the grounds of the convention center.
From antique cars and trucks, to our muscle cars, to the current day cars and trucks and sneak peeks at what the future holds. There are no snake oil sales people here. If you wanted a booth you paid top dollar to do so.

I saw so many cool items my head would spin at night trying to sort what we learned. And learn we did. So, our muscle cars were all over the place and as I stated seeing this beautiful Pontiac made us feel at home. We traveled far to get there and spent a lot of money to be there so we wanted all we could out of the annual event. We plan on going back in 2017 if you had any doubts.

So, as I stated the next several articles will be packed with pictures and stories of what goes on at this event. I cannot possibly tell you everything like the training classes, or dinners, or even Larry the Cable guy, but I can inform you of what I think interests all of you the most. Stay tuned please.

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