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The Finest Chevrolet Bel Air I Have Seen

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By Mark Weisseg

I am lucky in that the car show I attend weekly is one of the largest in the area. I get to see many types of vehicles I don’t think I would normally get to. And of course many of the spectators regularly claim they have a such and such at home in the garage. They can never produce a picture of it but they say they have whatever you have only better.

However, I saw this Chevrolet Bel Air arrive Friday afternoon and I was hooked. As soon as the owner parked himself and got comfy I went over to see this black beauty. It was only upon my arrival that I saw one of the finest cars I ever laid eyes on.

Now I have seen the Packards, Duesenbergs and other high end automobiles in my life, but, this run of the mill everyday car had to be the best. Jet black, red leather interior, the engine compartment as clean as the day it was delivered and so on. The engine barely made a sound it was so well tuned. The chrome sparkled in the afternoon sunlight and the owner was as humble as can be. I only asked a few questions but I had hundreds of them.

I finally made a comment he has heard many times before though. I simply stated it was the most beautiful car I have seen – maybe forever. The attention to detail was amazing. The fit and finish was perfect. How did he do it? How does he maintain it? What drives him to this level? How long has he had it? And so on and so on.

The car had to be a 100 point car yet he showed no trophies or awards if he had them. One simple thing did stick out and you can see it in the picture. He was and is a proud Vietnam Veteran. That hat on the rear shelf was the only object that he displayed. Talk about a humble guy. I was not going to ask him about his service as they may open a wound once closed but he is a proud American for sure. Anything less than perfection is not accepted by this man. I told him he had the best car of the show and thanked him for his service. All he said was ” You are welcome”. Wow.

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