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Find Of The Day: 1971 AMC SC/360 Hornet

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1971 AMC SC/360 Hornet for sale. One of 306 built with Go-Pack and 4-speed. 3.91 Twin Grip rear, HD suspension and cooling, Power steering, power disc brakes.

Has rim blow steering wheel. It is an early car and has the 219C heads. I have had dreams to properly restore this car for the past 20 years that I have owned it, but I have finally come to the hard decision that I won’t get to it, and to sell it to someone that will give it the restoration it deserves. The car should be restored, but I have been driving it lately as is. I recently had the original radiator rebuilt and now it runs nice and cool. I had the front end rebuilt 12 or do years ago, and probably haven’t put more than 3,000 miles on it since. There is some rust, but not too bad. The floors and trunk are solid. It is confined to the lower rear quarters. The paint has flaked in spot, so there is a little surface rust. The front fender tops were repaired years ago, but I have 2 nice front fenders that go with it.

The Magnum 500 wheels still wear their original paint and look good. They have an ancient set of BFGoodrich bias belted tires on them and from what I have been told, they are the second set of tires to be on those wheels. I bought new mags and radials when I got the car and it has worn them most of the time I’ve owned it. I have met all of the owners, but the original one I believe. The car was sold new in Texas from what I have been told, by a gentleman in the Air Force who then took the car to Germany with him while he was stationed there. I was also told that it was the only one built with a white vinyl roof. One of the previous owners told me that he removed the vinyl roof and painted it white along with the scoop.




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