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Muscle And Pony Car Wars once again

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By Mark Weisseg

Unless you have been under a rock the last few years you know what has been going on. The Pony car wars are red hot again. This war of the ponies has been raging for decades now. However, there has never been a better time than now to be a part of this war. There is one exception I will discuss later however.

For now the Mustang GT-R versus the Camaro ZL1 is smoking hot. Each company keeps building bigger engines with more torque and more goodies than we ever could have dreamed of. It seems like every magazine cover has Mustang VS Camaro stories every other month. I know this because I receive these magazines in bulk and I think I have read everything imaginable by now. As soon as I think I got it all in my head one of the two companies introduces yet another engine or a new twist to the story. As I wrote this the Mustang is winning the sales story. Mustang, then Camaro, and the Challenger a distant third. Even the much hyped Demon story has faded quickly. Once we all discovered that the car is a one trick pony the market began yawing again. So, we turned back to the main contenders. Camaro announced yet another whopper the other day. Now, a 850 hp Camaro will soon be available. Yikes, what will Ford do now?? Well, the worst kept secret finally has jumped out of the bag of tricks.

Sure enough, the GT500 will return but engine details are still super secret number one. Will it be a twin turbo eco boost? Stay tuned is all we can do here. The one constant is that the Camaro and Mustang brass don’t seem to care what Challenger is doing. Interesting for sure. So, as these two heavy weights keep punching and counter punching the real champion is you and me. Yes, we get to sit back and watch how these two car companies work to make the already great cars into something we only could have imagined at one time. Never did we think the crappy pony cars of the 1980’s or 90’s would be this good. It just seems like each car company has reached the end of the performance or horsepower range and then- Zing, they up the ante again. What a great time to be alive and be a part of these fast muscle cars.

Now, the weird or bad news. The Corvette. It’s almost forgotten. It is a fact that the current 2107 Camaro ZL1 will smoke a Corvette. Remember when the Vette was the king of the hill? The latest Corvettes are nice but they have turned into a old mans car. The Camaro will out handle, out perform , and have a lower sticker price. What happened? The Vette owners complain of cheap interiors, rattles, and a overall plain car. Yes, a Vette is a Vette but look who is driving them. Older guys that finally could afford the Corvette badge. But for the age group below middle age they know the hot rod Camaro or the Ford Mustang will smoke a Corvette all day long. So, The Vette people finally figured it out. The plant tours are cancelled, the blanket is now in place and the secret has begun. All indications are the Corvette will finally get a mid engine that may be able to compete with the Ford GT and other mid engine automobiles. Time will tell of course but for now the buyers are opening the pocket books to the new wave of the Pony Wars. And what a war it is. Long live the muscle cars. You can keep your electric cars and the other alternative powered cars. For now, the hot rods are back and back in a big way.

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