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Find Of The Day: 1970 Plymouth Superbird Numbers Matching

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by Dave Ashton

Engine: 7.2L 440Cu. In. V8
Mileage: 56,643
Transmission: Automatic
Price: $160,000.00


‘This car was repainted about 8-10 years ago in its original color just to have the “new car look”.’
‘I still have the keytag from the original dealership that owned the car from day one.’

‘Body/Paint: I believe the pictures will speak for themselves. All original sheet metal and laser straight lines. Trunk is clean with no issues. The car has 56k original miles, so it was easy to keep it all together. Repainted 8-10 years ago in a fresh coat of its original EV2, orange paint….it looks awesome. They sprayed the bottom of the car and it looks as clean as the top. Just check out the pictures of the bottom. It’s driven, so not a perfect A+, but easily an A grade.

Engine/Tranny: Best part of the car, in my opinion……numbers matching, original 440 Six Pack is still in the car. All factory stock, even the manifolds. Take a close look in the pictures and you will see the original casting numbers. Period correct 727 Torqueflite automatic tranny. I’m a perfectionist, so I updated the engine bay to date coded wires, etc. All other stickers and factory markings are there. Hit the key and go…runs super smooth, it’s reliable, and sounds awesome! Only an A due to only a period correct tranny.

Driveline: Runs well. I replaced steering knuckle and lines to get smoother steering and it paid off. You can literally steer with your pointer finger now. Was switched over to Mopar electronic ignition before I bought the car. Has original Sure Grip rear end, factory gears, and gear tag are still in place on the rear end! A+

Interior: Clean, simple, and all there. No sagging headliner, etc. All gages, lights, and switches work. Headlights raise properly, dome light works, radio works, door ajar alarm works, etc. A

Wheels and Tires: Brand new. classic BF Goodriches with proper wheel, rings, and lugnuts. B+ grade, only because I would go to Polyglass…but that’s me.’






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