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Find Of The Day: 1970 Plymouth SuperBird Numbers Matching

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By Dave Ashton

VIN: RM23U0A169436
Engine: 440ci.
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Exterior Color: Vitamin C Orange
Mileage: 53,748
Price: $125,000.00


It seems every few months one of these winged warriors comes up for sale, Superbirds far more than Dodge Daytonas. It almost seems strange for such a rare muscle car, but when investments start to go up in price, profits are there to be made.

This 1970 Plymouth Superbird is in excellent condition and features a 440ci. 4 barrel carburettor with a manual four-speed transmission and Dana 60 rear end. The exterior is your standard Superbird Vitamin C Orange and is in showroom condition.

The car is clearly in top-notch condition and numbers matching, but the listing only has sparse details, which is a shame for such a rarity as some of the back history and documentation provided with the vehicle would have been nice. Some of the images of the interior and the engine are rather blurred, but if everything checks out on this car . It more or less sells itself, but better images would have been a nice addition.

It’s clear that this Plymouth Superbird is in prime condition and is reflected in the asking price, with not much leeway from a starting bid of $120,000. Due to their rarity and ever-increasing value, if you have deep enough pockets this Superbird is definitely worth shortlisting.




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