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Find Of The Day: 1967 Mercury Cougar Dan Gurney Special

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By David Ashton

Cougars don’t always get the same recognition as the rest of the Ford lineup, which is probably an advantage for potential Cougars buyers, maybe not for the owners though.
The car is located near San Jose, California.

The Dan Gurney special Package was simply some added chrome and a window sticker with Dan Gurney’s signature, but the fact is the name is attached to this car adds to its value of only $6000.

On first looks, the paintwork is obviously faded in areas but there is no sign of any major rust and the fact the vinyl top is still intact shows restoration work in the past or someone. going through the ad., it shows restoration work has been attempted, but the present owners moved on to another project.

The 289 CU. 4V engine has many new parts, with a rebuild 500 miles ago.

The interior also looks in great shape with the dash looking as it should do as per the upholstery.

The ad does outlines some of the things that do need fixing such as – ‘tranny leaks, some slippage still driveable though, no radio (in the trunk), car heater is bypassed (was leaking), needs paint. ‘

The car also comes with a Marti report which will add to its value, but summing up everything here comes in at $6000, which means with a bit of work you could have a fine classic muscle car on your hands.


Original ad. –
‘Original Dan Gurney Special (Marti Report) Excellent Condition, 289, 4V, C4 auto, PS, PB AC
Many New or Rebuilt Parts: rebuilt original 289 less than 500 miles, new Holley carburetor, new power steering system, new electronic ignition, new dual exhaust, new brakes, new tires, new suspension parts, new windshield, new front and rear window seals, factory AC with new AC parts (was working then compressor failed, new one in truck), new vinyl top, new rear seat upholstery, new headliner.

Interior in good shape and almost all switches, lights, and gauges work, clock works, sequential turn signals work, headlight doors work, speedometer works, installed temp, oil, and amp gauges. Has sport console (valuable piece) with bucket seats.

Things that need fixing: tranny leaks, some slippage still driveable though, no radio (in the trunk), car heater is bypassed (was leaking), needs paint.

Vin # 7F91A626514, Dataplate #s 65A, I, 2A, 20F, 53,1, W. ‘



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