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Fat Tire Drag Cars on the Street Rule!

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By Dave Ashton

Fat tires on a car just seem to make everything look better. A wider stance, beefer, looks inherently more powerful, the list goes on. Sticking on wider wheels is probably one of the first mods. anyone attempts on a car. That is until we realize those extra fat tires start hitting the wheel arches. Then a re-think is needed like shortening the rear end to accommodate the extra width of rubber. Not as straightforward as we first thought……

Like many inventions on a car, especially muscle cars, Fat tire practicality came before aesthetics. M+H and Hoosier were some of the first pioneers in fat, drag tires in the 1950s. The need for more efficient treads, compounds, traction and acceleration brought in the likes of Drag Racing Slicks, Cheater slicks and R compound tires (grooved slicks), all with specific uses. But, its the visuals of such tires on a car that also speak volumes.

Yep, fat drag tires simply make a car look that much cooler. A car still need the goods under the hood and the mechanical setup at the rear end to accommodate such wide girth, i.e. a drag car, but once everything is in place, what a fine look.

A great addition to any performance car, but wide wheels and tires are not for the fainthearted. Lots of work and modifications are needed. It’s not just about slapping on some wide wheel arches and the job is done. The whole car from back to front, from the rear end to power levels need to be reconfigured to accommodate the new hefty wheel and tire size.

In this respect, here’s a small sample of fat tire eye candy for your pleasure. Inspired by images from Kirk Miller who posted in the Facebook group ‘NL MUSCLE CARS.’ The group is closed on Facebook, so you will have to ask for an invite to join. Simply put, seeing some of these vintage muscle cars in a street environment makes them look even more domineering than on the drag strip. In other words, fat is usually better when it comes to the rear end look of a car.

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