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By Mark Weisseg

To an endless supply of stuff to be had in our hobby! What started out as a simple hobby of restoring or rebuilding fast muscle cars has turned into a multi billion dollar industry. Just look at SEMA. What started out fifty years ago in Los Angles as a get together for the fast muscle car crowd has turned into a monster of a machine. I know as I was there last November when thousands of people from across the world traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate the hobby. I cannot find the words to describe what it is like. It would take pages and pages of words. Anything you can imagine is there and items you never thought of are displayed as well. You could spend your bank account and your best friends account on just stuff. Cleaners, waxes, clocks, wheels, tires, exhausts, lifts, hats, and so on. It’s unimaginable and takes nearly all week to see it all. I am begging all of you to find a way to see it for yourself.

If you think your local car cruise night is big or a car auction you attended was big I would tell you SEMA and its product showcase is light years ahead of it. I always heard it was a big darn deal but until I saw it for myself I could not understand it. It is also very addicting. Once you go and enjoy the Las Vegas area and then take in the show you want to return. I used this small picture of clocks as a starting point for my story. However, the product showcase seems to be limitless. But I will tell you what I really like when I am there. It’s the people who are there to pitch a new product or idea. They have spent countless hours of blood sweat and tears to get there and pitch a idea or product.

All in hopes of “selling” the whole sandwich. This show makes or breaks them. They have laid it on the line once and for all. So, for any of you start ups this is the track to run on. If you are not there you are not anywhere. How do you launch your idea or business and not be in front of an audience that will carry your water? This is the place. I am not here as a representative of SEMA. Far from it. Nobody paid me a penny. I paid my own way there and back and always come home hyped up from a weeks worth of what runs through my veins. If you don’t get excited about the products and services that are our backbone I suggest you look to take up golf.

Fast muscle car people are a band of brothers. An over hyped up term but we are unique. We buy our memories and share them with anyone who is willing to listen. We put in hours and hours of work to show our cars at a show for free. We get a goose bump when we see another car better than our own. We strive for the best but settle for what we can afford. We love our rides and we cherish every minute we get to have with them. For us snowbirds we mourn the winter and praise the sunshine. Now, I am able to live yet one more dream. I am going to Barrett Jackson for the first time in Scottsdale Arizona. I had to pinch myself when I made the reservations. How will I top this? SEMA of course.

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