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Dodge Charger Rebuild Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

Now, we tip our hats to the rebuilders and restorers across the world but…..
I saw this picture and had that warm fuzzy feeling at the same time I had that “oh boy” feeling. 1970 Dodge Charger stripped to the bone as we say. Clearly this beauty is in capable hands but Gadzooks someone has a long way to go. Not the two weeks story we all hear at times, but the project is a two year plus gig. I wish I knew where this was being done as I , like you would have a thousand questions. My guess is that this is a first class rebuild. The owner will toss huge sums of money at it but when it’s done it’s one special car. I hope the rebuilder does not get overwhelmed or tired and give up. That is always my worry. It’s a tough gig to stay at it day after day when your bank account is dwindling and your body aches. It’s not like TV where you see all new parts, clean hands, and no sweat. And they are done in two weeks. In the real world it’s a whole different story.

Usually most of us will quit after one or two rebuilds as you just get worn down. Parts are available for the Charger but they are costly. Why? Because they can be. Personally I am at the end of my rebuild and I thought for good. That is until another “deal” popped up. There is always another deal, another story, another find, another day. That is how it works. Like most hobbies the deals pop up when you have the least amount of money and the least amount of drive. But, you just cannot say no. It hurts when you are at that cross roads and then another opportunity rears its ugly head. I know. It happened to me at the end of my 49 Chevy rebuild. Yes, a 28 Model A showed up that I had been looking for years ago. So, now that the Model A is 99 percent done and I wrapped my head around it another car showed up. So, I bought it. Ouch. And, I just heard of another car found in a barn that I would like to see. How can I stop this? A good friend of mine calls it a sickness or a disease and I think he is right. Just ask the Charger owner.

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