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By Mark Weisseg

This amazing car was at the Barrett Jackson auction a few weeks ago. The car had a reserve and it did not sell. Nobody but the owner knows what the reserve was so I guess it was quite a bit. But this car known as the “Cheetah” was certainly something special. I would guess this car will sell in the future to some collector who has very deep pockets. But that is not what this article is about. What it really is about is – Rain.

I was there nearly all week for the big auction. People watching, note taking, picture taking and just trying to keep track of everything. The weather was awful for my tastes that week. It rained on and off nearly every day except the last Saturday and Sunday. Those two days were a bit cloudy but very cool for a desert area. In fact, the Friday just before Super Saturday as the locals call it was an awful weather day. It rained and rained and rained.

Then, the winds kicked up and between winds up to 40 mph and the hard rain it was down right miserable. However, I was trying to stay positive and managed to have a very good time. But, I noticed something in the making just before ALL the cars came up on the stage. The cars were driven from where they were parked whether under the tents or in the huge WestWorld building to a staging area. Once there all the cars were wiped down and cleaned up one more time before hitting the big lights and cameras. Now, did you read what I just wrote? I wrote it slower so you could read it slower so you would engage your brain.

The cars, nearly all of them except the ones on Saturday and Sunday got drenched in rain water. What happens to all these special cars in the future? Meaning of course should the owner of any of these cars refrain from the standard line we read all the time? Never been in the rain, snow, etc…. we see that slang all the time. You and I know it’s nearly impossible to be true that any car of any era can never be caught in the rain. In the case of this auction if the car was in one of the massive tents it had to be driven a short distance to get under the staging area canopy. Then the car was wiped down, driven on stage, bid on, and then pushed off the stage back into the rain. Once off camera the car(s) were restarted and driven back to where they came from. So much for ” never been in the rain” story. However brief the cars were in the rain. Truth in advertising we are told and yet most of us understand there is some give in that statement.

Now, back to the Cheetah. It’s one of one and I will bet someone will pay bags full of money for it. To say it is a cool car is like saying the Beatles were an average band.
Well, that is it my friends. The truth about water and cars. I go to many shows in the spring through the fall and there is always that group that claims there car has never been in the rain, or the snow, or never smoked in and of course always adult driven. Put your rain coat on and storm boots as I feel a storm brewing.

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