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Is This A Fast Muscle Car Candidate?

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By Mark Weisseg

It’s a 67 Chevy from the great state of Ohio. Is this once family car a fast muscle car now? I know lots if people would love this car. Why? Well it is roomy, easy to drive, and can fit the entire family in the back seat. But, does it really meet the criteria? I am a bit stumped as I like the car and have worked on them and have drive them.

They are big, easy to work on, and certainly a favorite. Most of these came with a variety of engines. The 307 and 327 were very popular. Of course there were bigger and smaller ones to choose from as well. But, by throwing on a set of chrome wheels can you join the ranks of the classic car world? If that is the case then any car and I mean any car could be included.

Let’s take a 96 Caprice. Big car, nice ride and we throw on four reverse dish wheels. Now, it’s a classic hot rod? What if we put in a big LS 7 engine into the 96 Caprice. Does that make it one of ours? The reason I state this is last week at the show a guy rolled in with a 2016 Ram four door truck. He bought some after market chrome gadgets and was allowed to come in and take a valuable spot.

We use a mega church parking lot and volunteers each week from the church and local clubs help with the event. I sat in disbelief. A brand new Ram truck is now allowed on the lot for a classic car show? Where is the cutoff? Who decides that? Do we need a board of governors? Should it be a pay to participate deal? Should it be cars and trucks 25 years or older? The law year in PA classifies a antique as 25 years or older. Is that what we should do? Why do people get in with 2016 Corvettes, Camaros, and Mustangs? The whole car show has become polluted with vehicles with no right to be there. Or should they be? The cars and coffee show is every other Saturday has strict rules about who gets in and what kind of cars get in. Is that what we should do? I am at a loss here as I saw a Chevrolet HHR in the show as well. I have seen PT cruisers and others cars that are not really classics. But, it’s a church and nobody wants to upset the apple cart. I am full of questions and lack the answers but I can how this event has spun out of control. Your thoughts?

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