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The Mustang 2006 Hertz Rent A Racer

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By Mark Weisseg

A very good friend of mine and a long time Mustang guy bought this last year. It is a 2006 Hertz rent a racer. Now, his only complaint is that it has a automatic transmission in it. My complaint is that I don’t own it.

The story is a good one so if you can zoom in on the fact sheet please do so. But, the bottom line is this Hertz car was in California and was stolen. He has a picture of the car on the tow truck hook as well. The long story would take pages but the short story is the car was purchased by another guy in Pennsylvania. He only had the car a short time and decided to sell it.

He parked it on a very busy highway in PA and advertised it on Craigslist. The darn car would not sell as it had been beaten pretty good. Finally, my friend decided to take a hard look at it. He took it to his favorite auto repair garage and put it on a lift. They went through this car with everything they had to verify the story. Finally, my bud bought the car. He cleaned it up, repaired a few items and now has added it to his large collection. He parked next to me Friday night which was good for me. His car attracts a lot of attention and people stopped and read his story board.

Now, a car that was stolen, abused, and neglected is in great hands. He still wishes it was a stick but we all know the Hertz program back then did not offer it. I just love the story. A car that everyone walked away from now is the center of attention. Big crowds gathered to see this rare car. It reminds me of my old truck. Abused, neglected, beat up and forgotten. Yet, we applied hard work, money and love and now my truck is a hit wherever it goes. I hope this gives anyone sitting on the fence a shove. Just because someone else says the car you are looking at it is not worth the trouble it may be the right one. Block out negative people and look beyond what is in front of you. Imagine what you could do and how you would like it to be. Then, get started and stay focused on your dream. I did and my friend did and we both could not be more happy.

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